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ActonArts Archive (2011-2015)

Archived blog posts from ActonArts at


Sara K. Lyons

Bob, July 2014

Accepted! This image will be shown in the MAEA's Serious Play exhibition at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston, MA in November 2014.


Sara K. Lyons

September 2014

Took profile photos of my students yesterday for an upcoming assignment. This sophisticated young woman posed with the intention of creating a contemporary Nefertiti.


Sara K. Lyons

Water bug, June 2013
Another from a collection of images of L's hands. See more in the August 2011 archive.

Domestic Bliss

Sara K. Lyons

Goose bumps, June 2013
Tried to print this one but can't get a satisfying flourescent glow from the hot pink bathing suit. Publication on the interweb may have to suffice for now.

These Four Walls • ArtsWorcester

Sara K. Lyons

In November 2012, ArtsWorcester presented These Four Walls, an exhibition of contemporary studio furniture at the Aurora Gallery in Worcester, MA. This image, along with other architectural photographs by a number of ArtsWorcester member artists, was exhibited as a complement to the furniture on display. 

01301/Greenfield, MA 2012

Sara K. Lyons

This image was exhibited in 01301: Art for, by, and about Greenfield. The exhibition opened in early October 2012 in Greenfield, MA. The following text accompanied the image:

On September 3, 2011, I had the privilege of photographing Annie & Kia’s wedding in Greenfield, Massachusetts. I was charmed by Kia’s vibrancy and wit as she prepared for what she called her “special day” in a tone mocking the TV Bridezilla who had originally uttered those words. Annie & Kia wed with style & grace embracing each other and an uncertain future which would include a honeymoon consumed by cancer treatments for Kia. Kia passed in early 2012. In accordance with Annie & Kia’s wishes, theirs is not a tragedy. It is and always will be a love story.

Photo Shoot with Jon & Ian

Sara K. Lyons

Cold, February 2012
Fly, February 2012

Jon & Kelli, February 2012
In search of images for some promotional materials for ActonArts, I realized that I needed to photograph some kids other than my own! Kelli was generous enough to let me take pictures of the fabulous Jon & Ian. It was a cold but gorgeous February day and I'm pretty happy with the results!

2012 Bear Fest Jury Results

Sara K. Lyons

After being truly impressed by the "Naked Bear Party" event hosted by Easthampton City Arts+ and their many sponsors, I'm disappointed that my involvement with Bear Fest ended today. I do, however, look forward to seeing the selected Bear designs when they hit the streets in Easthampton this summer. For now, I'll just grin & bear it. ...C'mon, I had to say it.

Easthampton Bear Fest 2012

Sara K. Lyons

Little Bear, 2012

Just submitted my proposal for a bear in Easthampton's Bear Fest 2012. Fingers crossed!
The design for this sculpture is intended to be evocative of the children’s book character, Little Bear. Standing out among the vast population of bears found in children’s literature, Little Bear transcends the cute and cuddly with his imagination, curiosity, and wit. He is loyal and loved, wise and caring.
The design attempts to capture the duality of Little Bear: elegant and playful; inviting but also mysterious; childlike yet thoughtful and considerate. The organic forms of the vines and leaves are meant to evoke the original illustrations of Maurice Sendak while the cross-hatched background adds depth to represent the multiple layers of interpretation that the viewer can bring to this bear and Bear Fest more generally.
In this artist’s mind, the posture of Amy Davis’ Large Bear sculpture captured Little Bear in the midst of an adventure and, coupled with this design, the piece invites viewers to join Little Bear on his adventure or take their own personal journey.

Alternative Focus/Davis Art Gallery 2011-2012

Sara K. Lyons

Untitled, September 2011

The above photograph was selected for a juried exhibition at the Davis Art Gallery in Worcester, MA. The exhibit, Alternative Focus, will feature photographic art that employs historical as well as non-traditional techniques that "showcase the imprint of each photographer’s individuality and artistry."
The exhibition will be on view November 3, 2011 - January 27, 2012.

Chrysanthemum Series 2010 & Artspace Annual Members Exhibit 2011

Sara K. Lyons

Deadheaded, from the Chrysanthemum Series, September 2011

The above photograph comes from a group of images taken over the summer and into the fall of 2010 while I watched the development of chrysanthemum seedlings from my back window. This image is currently on exhibit in the Annual Artspace Members Show from September 12 - October 7, 2011.

I hope to edit and print many more images from this series and create a cohesive photo essay that illustrates the many facets of growing these fall flowers. Here are a couple more:

Pots, June 2010
Buds, September 2010