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Vital.Vibrant.Visible: Local Indigenous Identity Through Portraiture

It was an honor to be entrusted with this project. I offer my sincere gratitude to all who welcomed me into their homes and spaces, shared their lives and stories, and generously gave their time and energy so these portraits could be made.

“We hope [these portraits] inspire you to get to know the many and varied Indigenous people of your area, ask them how to lift their voices. Get to know their history, as we are missing Native voices in the writing of history.  Also, learn about the current issues facing Native people. Many of those issues will also be important to the general populace, as Native people have always been the teachers of ecology, stewards of this land, and the Protectors of the Waters.

And we hope it will be written in your hearts and your minds – We Are Vital. We Are Vibrant. We Are Visible. We Are Still Here.”  –excerpt from Rhonda Anderson’s curatorial statement

These portraits were made in collaboration with curator, Rhonda Anderson [Iñupiaq - Athabaskan]. Please read her full curatorial statement here.

This project was incubated and supported by Linda McInerney and Eggtooth Productions for the 2019 Radical Interconnectedness Festival in Turners Falls, MA.