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ActonArts Archive (2011-2015)

Archived blog posts from ActonArts at

01301/Greenfield, MA 2012

Sara K. Lyons

This image was exhibited in 01301: Art for, by, and about Greenfield. The exhibition opened in early October 2012 in Greenfield, MA. The following text accompanied the image:

On September 3, 2011, I had the privilege of photographing Annie & Kia’s wedding in Greenfield, Massachusetts. I was charmed by Kia’s vibrancy and wit as she prepared for what she called her “special day” in a tone mocking the TV Bridezilla who had originally uttered those words. Annie & Kia wed with style & grace embracing each other and an uncertain future which would include a honeymoon consumed by cancer treatments for Kia. Kia passed in early 2012. In accordance with Annie & Kia’s wishes, theirs is not a tragedy. It is and always will be a love story.